Tunnel Rats

from Tales of Terror by The Dumbheads



I've been squeezing through the tunnels of underground
As I'm neither stalwart, fat or tall, yeah
That's why I had ordered to get down to that hole
Bared to the waist and covered in clay mud

Down in the tunnel system
Keep out of booby traps
There's no way out
There's no way out
For the tunnel rats
Down in the tunnel system
We fight for our fatherland
There's no light
There's no light
At the end


Inch along the narrow passegways
Full of creepy crawliers of all grades
Ones which try to gnaw to sting to bite
I feel today's the day I'm gonna die


My enemies may lie up in secret spots
Awaiting for the right time to cut my throat
I never know what's up ahead on my way
Just got a feeling that someone walked over my grave


from Tales of Terror, released May 6, 2019


all rights reserved



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