I pick the wrong side
when I got out of bed
No social time for me
I’ll piss you off as well
Ignore all company
give me some time to wake
That is the only way
if you want me to stay

All I want to do is sleep
I don’t want you in my room
I don’t need you in my bed
Just leave me alone

We used my bed last night
hell yeah we had some fun
I’d took you to the moon and back
you loudly come
By than my problem showed
you want to sleep with me
I had to send you home
I have to sleep alone

All I want to do is sleep

I’ll never find a girl to
be my lifetime mate
I scare them all away
they think that I’m too crude
I don’t like to be mean
but they don’t know what’s up
When I wake up next day
I’ll dent their confidence

All I want to do is sleep



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'59SRS Russia

'59SRS is an one-man DIY label from Perm, Russia

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