No Part of This

from Light Years by A Time To Stand



speak up, speak up
there is so much bullshit going on
you know this goddamn well

put a little strength in your morale
and don't be afraid to tell

you keep your mouth shut
turn the other cheek and one blind eye
you keep your mouth shut
in time you'll choke on that humble pie

speak up, speak up
speak the fuck up
let them hear your voice however soft
make sure not a single word is lost
or else the problem's never solved

you're just as much to blame
you hang your head in shame
when you shun your responsibility

it's disagreement this, it's disapproval that
well, they will never know
unless to start to speak up

if you call this faith then I want nothing to do with it
if this is organized religion, I'll stay unorganized
keep your control mechanisms, you backwards decisions and chauvinism
because I don't wanna be no part of this


from Light Years, released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



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