Keep the Change [You Filthy Animal]

from Light Years by A Time To Stand



some day time will die
and love will bury it deep in the ground
I will stand aside
and watch them lower the coffin

it seems like yesterday I picked up my bent head
and I carry it upon my shoulders
like the old man that I am

did you think we'd live forever
you look at me like: whatever
my decision, no ambition
I don't take pride in failure
it's just the way I am

I am nowhere close to win this race
watch me run it into the ground
from the reclining chair
I'll watch them polish their trophies

I'll point out things for you to look at
that will make your smile
and I will put my arm around you
as the sun shines on the finish line

did you think we'd live forever
take it slowly, die whenever
halfway decent, my achievement
I won't climb no ladder
that's just the way I roll

roll with the punches
so I can chuck in my boxing gloves
a content second best
you spot the sharks and

swimming with your teeth clenched
won't keep you from sinking like a stone
it's everything you've got
this life boat's everything you've got


from Light Years, released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



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