Is This What We Need?

from Here and Now by Sidewalk



So many things so many days
They blend and then they fade.
We try so hard to keep it up
We’ll never look away.

The bigger picture never even shows
It’s face and our exploits
Prolong here in this everlasting race

The times are changing fast as we try to keep up
With these feeding machines, they think of new products
To keep us all unstable in search for what they will give

I'm not running along any more in these days
But closing it all of means disbanding your place
Importance, communication now go hand in hand
With no eminent response, we get chopped off and then
we're banned

It was easier before when we all planned and thought
But this new disease makes us libel and desperate
Restless and insecure we march to this beat
Can we still see it clear, is this what we need?


from Here and Now, released August 1, 2017


all rights reserved



'59SRS Russia

'59SRS is an one-man DIY label from Perm, Russia

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