from Light Years by A Time To Stand



birth-right and property
get off my lawn mentality
don't touch my stuff, we cut up rough
collective OCD

is it a wish for affirmation
or just a plot to keep the cash?
either way, the one thing greater than your "love" for this land
is my feeling of embarrassment

every silly flag is just a piece of cloth with paint on it
a heavy rain can wash it all off
wash it all away

neighbors and real estate
a fence around a pompous place
you can't come in, the color of your skin
we can't incorporate

if that's the world you want to live in,
look up the meaning of hypocrisy
and when you've turned your iPad off
we can talk about who takes away whose job

every random border is just geometry that someone did
the aftershock will shake it all up
shake it up for good

the talk of regulation that you're insisting on
it's just I wonder why those rules don't go for everyone

it really is that simple
while you sit behind locked gates
your money crosses borders every second, every minute
every hour, every day

and someday you are gonna pay


from Light Years, released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



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