from Light Years by A Time To Stand



our friends live down the street but
they might as well be dead
I guess they took poor cover
as the infection spread

and I swing the axe like a madman
hold on to all my hope
I watch your limbs fall off and let it go
just let it go

I should be sleeping soundly
so why am I still here?
must have been something you said
must have been something that you said

we follow roads that once were stepping stones
we cast among ourselves
there's no more room in hell
it's shotguns to the head

you and I and the things on the screen
what's deader?
pizza and The Walking Dead
what's better?

a sort of new infection
I guess we're not immune
I tie a four-in-hand and
I sit and pick up the remote
and I felt it spreading
as teeth pierced my skin
and missed my heart by one inch
by one inch

the bodies pile up
the fight is not lost
'til we say so

dress up fancy for the congregation
pull the trigger without hesitation
call me long distance just to say hello
knock me out flat when my true colors show

I know we have to sort this out
I know we'll get this sorted out


from Light Years, released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



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