from Light Years by A Time To Stand



a thousand torches have been passed over time
seems so simple but it's never easy
too close for comfort as we see the light
let's use the thing to light the flat screen TV

head over heels
to the tune of turning wheels
like a siren song to your ecstatic eyes
lightning never strikes the same spot twice

and so we stick to what we know

and so we keep our voices low
let others run the show
stick to what we know

a breath of prayer turned into fervent hymns
a spark of hope turned into neon lights
when trusting fools and scientists have become synonyms
we're thinking progress when we're actually inside

the gilded cage
pacing back and forth
inside the gilded cage
we're pacing til the show comes back on

the wisdom of the world
is advertisement
the revolution won't make
the evening news

do you feel like they're laughing at you
through the TV
I know I do


from Light Years, released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



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