We are Your Radio for the Night So Shut Up and Dance

by Sidewalk

On My Radio 01:44
Why are there songs that I really hate Why are those songs aired day to day Please take this bullshit of the air Change it with songs that make me care` I don’t care If you’re not aired Fuck this bullshit Get off the air Where are the songs where we’ve listened to Where are the shows we’ve enjoyed Rubbish and bullshit on the air And no one just seemed to care
Arty Farty 02:24
You think it is art but I think it’s crap Made living in your own world Why don’t you get a job why don’t you reach the top and why don’t you change your career Why are you so arty farty? Your art isn’t bestselling your clothes are pretty smelly Do you know what I mean Why don’t you get a day job and try to wake up From this silly dream
Sleep 03:13
I pick the wrong side when I got out of bed No social time for me I’ll piss you off as well Ignore all company give me some time to wake That is the only way if you want me to stay All I want to do is sleep I don’t want you in my room I don’t need you in my bed Just leave me alone We used my bed last night hell yeah we had some fun I’d took you to the moon and back you loudly come By than my problem showed you want to sleep with me I had to send you home I have to sleep alone All I want to do is sleep I’ll never find a girl to be my lifetime mate I scare them all away they think that I’m too crude I don’t like to be mean but they don’t know what’s up When I wake up next day I’ll dent their confidence All I want to do is sleep
There is no chocolate box There are no flowers I bought Why are you expecting me to hang around You asked me out, and I said no And that I never will I don’t wanna be with you A party at your place And I’m invited My lack of presence shouldn’t be surprising You asked me out, and I said no And that I never will I don’t wanna be with you What a waste of time What a waste of time Follow me around Stop following me I just said no And I said no And that i never will I don’t want to fuck you I don’t wanna be with you
Chuck Norris 02:19
Some say he is our saviour Some say he is not from this world But he reads the bible And everything is told Watch out for a roundhouse on your mouth Watch out when he kicks and shouts Cause Chuck Norris is gonna kick your ass With his bare hands he is just too fast No time to get away He will leave you in despair
Together we went to the forest ‘cause we had A sad thing to do Today was the day we would scatter Your grandparents I wish you well I wish you well I was expecting that I had to comfort you all day long But your uncle he grabbed the ashes And threw them around I wish you well I wish you well And then it all happened fast The ashes were in the air And your aunt passed out crashing to the floor Your nephew was laughing Your dad started joking And everyone was gathering around your aunt Your grandparents were fighting and hating When they were alive Avoiding continuing fights they got spread out Separately I wish you well I wish you well
Let It Go 02:12
Sometimes you gotta try And gonna cry and let it happen To know what is going on I know it makes no sense And what about you try to pretend It is just another day So let it go I know it is fucked up And will occur just every now and then It only stays here for a while Why don’t you go to bed And try to forget your condition You’re not dying after all


Recorded and mixed by: Simon Baken @ Excess Studios
Mastered by: Quintijn Verhoef @ Independent Recordings
All music by: Sidewalk
Lyrics by: Neals van der Ven (tracks 1,2,4,5,7)
and Pieter Duiverman (tracks 3,6)
Artwork and photography by: Tineke Dorst


released May 18, 2012

Cat. # '59SRS-049
CD release date: January 4, 2019
Limited to 150 copies



all rights reserved



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