Tales of Terror

by The Dumbheads

Giant leeches drag you down To their underwater cave They suck your blood, hollow you out Drain you untill you turn pale Where did they come from? I don't know Were they born on the planet Earth? I got no answer, I got no guess I got some dynamite to blow Chorus: Giant leeches drag you down - x4
Oh, hazy moonlight guides along the paths Along the paths of our present and our past And I guess our future harbours only blind wrath Chorus: I can't get to you You won't let me to I can't get to you But that's what I wanna do I do remember how I made you cry And moonlight sparkles on best intentions went awry I have no right to grieve when you say goodbye
Girl, you've been pushing me around For too long Feeding on my dismay Keeping me at bay Blunted and hammered down I flee headlong Think I'll just walk away Chorus: Gotta get away Gotta get away now Gotta get away Away from your charades Girl, I've been trying really hard I've done my best But I can't find a clue To hold on to you Perfectly mastered art Of endless tests Won't ever get you through Chorus You're a peg of my heart I knew it from the start You'd make a nightmare of my life A peg of my heart Now we have grown apart And the time seems ripe
Big Mouth 01:18
Of all the stupid things you do This one is why I do hate you If you start talking you won't shut up Oh boy, to me you're such a drag Chorus: You got a big mouth You'll catch a bad one You got a big mouth A gossip boy, I loath your kind Your tongue's always on the frontline You bloat with arrogance and pride A perfect object to deride
Tunnel Rats 02:21
I've been squeezing through the tunnels of underground As I'm neither stalwart, fat or tall, yeah That's why I had ordered to get down to that hole Bared to the waist and covered in clay mud Chorus: Down in the tunnel system Keep out of booby traps There's no way out There's no way out For the tunnel rats Down in the tunnel system We fight for our fatherland There's no light There's no light At the end Chorus Inch along the narrow passegways Full of creepy crawliers of all grades Ones which try to gnaw to sting to bite I feel today's the day I'm gonna die Chorus My enemies may lie up in secret spots Awaiting for the right time to cut my throat I never know what's up ahead on my way Just got a feeling that someone walked over my grave
Be With You 02:12
I wanna take you out I wanna take you out I wanna take you out tonight I'm gonna say it loud I will shout aloud That I'm gonna make it right I don't want any emotions To cloud up your eyes I wanna take you out I wanna take you out I wanna take you out tonight Chorus: You say there's nothing new And there's nothing new But I just wanna be with you
With questions eager to get out you're here to know Where the hell I was last night, where the hell was I? I remember running the engine and putting headlights on And then started way back home But something, something did go wrong Chorus: Something did go wrong Today's the day, I'm gonna start it all anew Will find the answers that I hope can help me through Am I sleepwalking, am I ripping souls nonstop? Each and every morn I wake up covered up Covered up in blood Chorus: Сovered up in blood
Burning Out 01:43
I'm running riot, babe If you know what I mean All I need is peace and quiet In the world of machines I'm running riot, oh yeah I got stuck in a rut There ain't no peace and quiet I'm going out of my nut Chorus: I'm burning out I'm burning out without a doubt Just like a candle in the wind I can't get out Out of the alien surround Darkness sets in Over-saturated I'm going to explode And still in my mind I harbour cruelty Going at it blind I Can't get any relief
Out on an island lost at sea There's a place of tremendous secrecy Out on an island there's a park Of loathsome creatures lurking in the dark Out on an island lost at sea There's a place of awe and trepidity A place of trouble and no escape A madness no man can ever take Chorus: Ancient reptile behind you And there's nothing you can do There's a sweaty reptile behind you Genetic bastards of the evil mind They're offsprings of the grim design A nightmare reborn in the covert lab Dinosaurs rising from the dead Nowhere to hide and nowhere to run Countdown to ten and we're all gone We're trapped on the island of no escape It's a madness no man can ever take
I don't care what you say Don't wanna heart it anyway Oh baby, you're a loudmouth Will you please stop messing around Chorus: Don't bother me You don't bother me Don't bother me Don't bother
We're stranded in the outer space Investigating macabre signals of distress From the starship that's gone astray The crew maimed each other in the sadistic fray Chorus: Beyond the reaches of mankind We're lost in time, we're lost in time Beyond the reaches of mankind We're heading into the unknown And we are never coming home We're heading into the unknown We've seen some things you won't believe The things that caused us such a great deal of grief No safe place from the insanity Turning into monsters we thought we'd never be Chorus We're stranded in the outer space - x3 We're gonna die in this dead space
Let's have ourselves a party To please the one who hides inside Who walks behind the scary rows All's been prepared, now we start it It's sad, but you'll cease to exist It's our feast of blood and gore Chorus: We are the children of the corn Outlanders are not welcome Dare to enter and abandon hope Here's a rope, our gallows waits We are cold-hearted, we will stay calm A harvest moon is in the sky A time to die, we'll gorge our hate
I don't wanna lose my mind Out of control from time to time Chorus: Madness runs in the family A tribal curse of our kin We live a life of agony Can't suppress the urge to kill I run amok against my will Chorus Blood will tell, oh blood will tell Can't take away this wicked spell
No Mister No 03:01
I don't want you hanging around anymore I don't want to see you here again You better shut your mouth and go (away) For the avoidence of any accidents Hey boy you're from wrong side of the track Not a good match for my little girl You are gonna get in trouble if you don't Take off and leave her all alone Chorus No mister no You are going drop dead on the floor You will never see your baby doll no more


released May 6, 2019

Cat. # '59SRS-055

CD release date: May 6, 2019
Limited to 100 copies

Co-released with:
• Pleasant Screams Records (Moscow, Russia) •



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