Light Years

by A Time To Stand

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released April 5, 2019

Cat. # '59SRS-050
Vinyl / CD release date: April 5, 2019

Co-released with:
• Fond Of Life Records (Germany) •
• Disconnect Disconnect Records (UK) •
• Keep It A Secret Records (Germany) •
• Tief In Marcellos Schuld Records (Germany) •



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'59SRS Russia

'59SRS is an one-man DIY label from Perm, Russia

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Track Name: Generic Pop Punk [Intro]
if you think you've heard this before
it's probably because you've heard this before
stolen riffs, there's no need to discuss
but your stupid band got nothing on us

if you think you've heard this before
it's probably because you've heard it before
nothing new, pretty simple and bland
generic pop punk, this is A Time To Stand

we are a musical Frank Abagnale
a sonic forgery
a deja entendu
don't look for originality

so go ahead and cross your arms while you stand in the back
it's not like I care too much
because we've got the fun and you got nothing on us

there is no novel thought
so why get so worked up?
Track Name: PB City Winter Blues
why do I always feel so fucking cold?
is it because I'm just skin and bones,
I can't get any rest or of the ice in my chest?
these days there's nothing left

and when it's creeping up inside my empty veins
wish I could blame it on the demons
but truth be told
there is only me

fucking scary thought

I guess I'll just wait and see
I've kept myself good company
I pull the blanket tighter and fall asleep alone
maybe another six months
until I see the sun
it's getting harder to not let on to
how fucked up I really am sometimes

it's like I always knew
what was inside of me
I kept it bottled up remembering what we used to be

I don't talk any reason
this can't be justified
I think that after all I'm still a pretty selfish fucking asshole guy
Track Name: Gantville
our friends live down the street but
they might as well be dead
I guess they took poor cover
as the infection spread

and I swing the axe like a madman
hold on to all my hope
I watch your limbs fall off and let it go
just let it go

I should be sleeping soundly
so why am I still here?
must have been something you said
must have been something that you said

we follow roads that once were stepping stones
we cast among ourselves
there's no more room in hell
it's shotguns to the head

you and I and the things on the screen
what's deader?
pizza and The Walking Dead
what's better?

a sort of new infection
I guess we're not immune
I tie a four-in-hand and
I sit and pick up the remote
and I felt it spreading
as teeth pierced my skin
and missed my heart by one inch
by one inch

the bodies pile up
the fight is not lost
'til we say so

dress up fancy for the congregation
pull the trigger without hesitation
call me long distance just to say hello
knock me out flat when my true colors show

I know we have to sort this out
I know we'll get this sorted out
Track Name: Keep the Change [You Filthy Animal]
some day time will die
and love will bury it deep in the ground
I will stand aside
and watch them lower the coffin

it seems like yesterday I picked up my bent head
and I carry it upon my shoulders
like the old man that I am

did you think we'd live forever
you look at me like: whatever
my decision, no ambition
I don't take pride in failure
it's just the way I am

I am nowhere close to win this race
watch me run it into the ground
from the reclining chair
I'll watch them polish their trophies

I'll point out things for you to look at
that will make your smile
and I will put my arm around you
as the sun shines on the finish line

did you think we'd live forever
take it slowly, die whenever
halfway decent, my achievement
I won't climb no ladder
that's just the way I roll

roll with the punches
so I can chuck in my boxing gloves
a content second best
you spot the sharks and

swimming with your teeth clenched
won't keep you from sinking like a stone
it's everything you've got
this life boat's everything you've got
Track Name: Geometry
birth-right and property
get off my lawn mentality
don't touch my stuff, we cut up rough
collective OCD

is it a wish for affirmation
or just a plot to keep the cash?
either way, the one thing greater than your "love" for this land
is my feeling of embarrassment

every silly flag is just a piece of cloth with paint on it
a heavy rain can wash it all off
wash it all away

neighbors and real estate
a fence around a pompous place
you can't come in, the color of your skin
we can't incorporate

if that's the world you want to live in,
look up the meaning of hypocrisy
and when you've turned your iPad off
we can talk about who takes away whose job

every random border is just geometry that someone did
the aftershock will shake it all up
shake it up for good

the talk of regulation that you're insisting on
it's just I wonder why those rules don't go for everyone

it really is that simple
while you sit behind locked gates
your money crosses borders every second, every minute
every hour, every day

and someday you are gonna pay
Track Name: Ape-X Predator
listen up kid you can't live
around the biological imperative
tough shit, get with it
food chain, it's just the way it is

their lame excuses make me smile on the inside
'cause I know it's just what makes them sleep at night

don't ever let them drag you down
stand tall, stand your ground
don't let them think you're so naive
their "natural order" is make-believe

don't think nothing can ever change
call them out on their bullshit game
don't ever let them drag you down
stand tall and stand your ground

the apex predator hunts down his prey
neatly packaged in a styrofoam tray
armed with a credit card and his head
way up the ass
Track Name: Contrametheus
a thousand torches have been passed over time
seems so simple but it's never easy
too close for comfort as we see the light
let's use the thing to light the flat screen TV

head over heels
to the tune of turning wheels
like a siren song to your ecstatic eyes
lightning never strikes the same spot twice

and so we stick to what we know

and so we keep our voices low
let others run the show
stick to what we know

a breath of prayer turned into fervent hymns
a spark of hope turned into neon lights
when trusting fools and scientists have become synonyms
we're thinking progress when we're actually inside

the gilded cage
pacing back and forth
inside the gilded cage
we're pacing til the show comes back on

the wisdom of the world
is advertisement
the revolution won't make
the evening news

do you feel like they're laughing at you
through the TV
I know I do
Track Name: M-Class Planet
this is the difference between
what's in your head and what's real
really important as you're losing sleep on this

so throw me a line
counting the days 'til the wounds heal with time
you're out there circling the remains of a promise

throw bottles in an arc
pretend we're watching shooting stars
a sappy story but at least it has free beer

you were never good at faking it
I guess it's what you make of it
I cannot judge but I can offer to be here

I'll be a milestone
I'll be a map to the frontier
you'll find your way home
70,000 light-years
Track Name: No Part of This
speak up, speak up
there is so much bullshit going on
you know this goddamn well

put a little strength in your morale
and don't be afraid to tell

you keep your mouth shut
turn the other cheek and one blind eye
you keep your mouth shut
in time you'll choke on that humble pie

speak up, speak up
speak the fuck up
let them hear your voice however soft
make sure not a single word is lost
or else the problem's never solved

you're just as much to blame
you hang your head in shame
when you shun your responsibility

it's disagreement this, it's disapproval that
well, they will never know
unless to start to speak up

if you call this faith then I want nothing to do with it
if this is organized religion, I'll stay unorganized
keep your control mechanisms, you backwards decisions and chauvinism
because I don't wanna be no part of this
Track Name: Age of Amplifiers
we showed up way too early
in the parking lot I forced down my beer
pretending it was good
pretending I did no feel
awkward and dismissed
among all these older kids

then the lights went out
and the volume up
and that's when people starting going nuts

someone put a flare gun to my eardrums
a sonic spark to my bottlerocket heart
the wave that swept over me
was like a hammer to the knees
I guess no one knew they were creating history

on the ride back home
I watched the ghost face in the bus window
the adrenaline was fading
but the excitement stayed from that day on

I showed off all my bruises
and my copy of No Retreat

my life would never be the same

I'm sure that somewhere out there
is the kid that I was
15 years ago listening to something
they never knew existed for the first time in their life
Track Name: The Great Slasher Movie Ride
we got in, turned the ignition
and drove all night
we stayed up, we flipped the record
and we danced all night

you're only as lonely as you make yourself feel
Track Name: Maybe All That Hardware's for Making Coleslaw
skinny dudes in tank tops and it's ten below outside
the eye of the beholder on the floor tonight
who's the toughest of them all, I'm pretty sure it's you
I hope that Disney sues you for your Star Wars tattoos

I don't consider myself anti-fashion
it's just I don't care much/at all
but when you take what's mine and turn it upside down
I'd rather go home and stare at a wall

they advertise it and you pay the price and
while you're on top of your game, man you trivialize it

your ego's writing cheques your body can't cash
you're so full of balderdash

Jesus saves, Gretzky scores
clothes make a man, kids make the clothes
sheep in wolves' fancy stitch
but more like dogs doing tricks

skinny dudes in tank tops and the rage feels out of place
it's time to put your money in your angry face
bottoms up to counter-culture, what a sweet disguise
this one's made of sugar, spice and everything nice

it's the Asylum version of rebellion
commodified and cynical
I see a fireplace DVD run in your eyes
I'd rather go home and stare at a wall

your ego's writing cheques your body can't pay
you motherfuckers play too much GTA
you've got your orders to obey
Track Name: [Insert Popular Hardcore Label's Name Here] Has a Really Big Parcel for You
cellophane wrapper
compact disc
flyer, leaflet, special offer
compact disc

that's right, I'm bitching about this
interchangable words that speak of doom and gloom
and how we waste resources
and drive this planet over the cliff
is that just me or is something really incongruent here?

supply - demand
I guess I created this with my own hands
we're all cogs in the machine
purchasing puzzle pieces in the
cellophane wrapper industry
Track Name: Durian Fields Forever
this is where they tie up
the loose ends of my pathetic life
your head's a ton of bricks
and my heart's a million butterflies

both can wear you down in time
the ups and downs, the lows and highs
as we race into oncoming traffic
this should be none of my concerns tonight

the story that screenplays are made of
I can't help but think that
something's gotta give

see myself starring alongside
the girl that I trusted the most
drops her eyes

like snakeskin to the floor
no one's ever kicked in my teeth like this before

crazy how you think you knew
the mind that means the most to you
I pick up the pieces
'cause there's really nothing else to do

I've never been much of a hero
your poetic justice is laughing me
right in the face

fade to black on the yellowing pages
a dime novel leftover, nothing
pyrite can stay

of all the things that could have happened