Here and Now

by Sidewalk

So many things so many days They blend and then they fade. We try so hard to keep it up We’ll never look away. The bigger picture never even shows It’s face and our exploits Prolong here in this everlasting race The times are changing fast as we try to keep up With these feeding machines, they think of new products To keep us all unstable in search for what they will give birth! Refrain: I'm not running along any more in these days But closing it all of means disbanding your place Importance, communication now go hand in hand With no eminent response, we get chopped off and then we're banned It was easier before when we all planned and thought But this new disease makes us libel and desperate Restless and insecure we march to this beat Can we still see it clear, is this what we need?
Confession 02:49
I don’t care ‘bout what you said. I don’t know what you’re heading for. My heart belongs to someone else. And now it’s time to tell you all. I KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES! EPIC WHOOHOOHOO I met her in our favorite bar. And it was me who broke the ice. After a while I brought her home. We had some tea and fell asleep. I KNOW THE CONSEQUENCES!
Education, random knowledge, helps me to be a wiser man. time for me to trust my intuition and keep the subject relevant! What I hear today is new for me All the kids will learn About sexuality Refrain: Easy words will ease me down Give me opportunity To learn what teachers educate And help me be, the normal one. We grow older and go to punk rock high, We’ll lose our knowledge, I don’t know why! We love and we learn how to get it on, As youngsters we’re too quick and gone.
Teachers 04:00
I can feel you don't respect me Like you say you always do! You act like I would need a teacher But i’d like to teach you too! When no one else is looking You stop and ask me for advice After I have taught you lessons You turn around and make me cry Refrain: STOP! What you doin’? Don’t try to push me! Push some more and I will walk out on you! You can’t push me over, I will stand up tall! The way you push me, You’ll be the one to fall


released August 1, 2017

Cat. # '59SRS-040
CD release date: August 1, 2017

Co-released with:
• Morning Wood Records (The Netherlands)
• Boripunk Asso (Belgium)


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