Graveyard Sittin'

by Bear City Poems



Добро пожаловать, странник.
В том месте, где заканчиваются все жизненные тропы, где цветы у твоих ног не увядают, где воды кристально чисты и небо никогда не тускнеет, тебя встретит твой новый спутник.

Следуй за ним, но будь осторожен. Не оглядывайся назад и не запоминай дороги. Ведь по ней суждено пройти каждому из нас, но только единожды.
А сейчас, присядь и послушай...

Recording and mixing - Alan Roxton, Unknown Superstar Studio.
Vocals recording - Evgeniy Vygolov, Dead Mouse Studio.
Photo - Egor Pigalev (

Bear City Poems :
Vitaliy Spirin - lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar, metallophone, shaker, percussion;
Mikhail Letov (Jet Me) - organ, synth keys (1.,2.);
Alexey Nedre (The Sins) - electric guitar (4.);
Maria Meschurovа - violin (2.);
Lana (Down River) - additional vocals (1.).

Neath a Cold Gray Tomb of Stone (3.) - originally performed by Hank Williams Sr.

Interlude - Valley of the Unrest, written by Edgar Allan Poe.


released July 18, 2016

Cat. # '59SRS-032
CD release date: March 20, 2017
Limited to 100 copies


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Don't Grieve For Me
Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free
I'm following the path god laid for me
I took his hand when I heard him call
I turned my back and left it all

I could not stay another day
To laugh, to love, to work or play
Tasks left undone must stay that way
I've found that place at the close of the day

Be not burdened with times of sorrow
I leave you the sunshine of tomorrow
My life's been full, I savored much
Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch

If my parting has left the void,
Then fill it with remembered joy,
A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss;
Ah yeah, these things, I too, will miss.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief
Don't lengthen it now with undue grief
Lift up your heart and share with me
God wanted me now he set me free.
Track Name: Arms
All the stories I have told,
All the places I have been,
All the tragedies and funnies I have seen.
Words will never be enough
To describe just how I feel.
I could not believe my love this is for real.

Within your arms I found...
Within your arms I found...
Within your arms I found...
Within your arms I found home.

Al the whispers I have heard,
All the roads, that scratched my shoes,
All the signs, that leads my horses back to you.
And a salt inside my wounds
Is from the tears, you dropped for me,
In your arms is a perfect place I've got to be.

How I wish I could succeed,
But finally I have failed
'Cuz happy endings are only in fairytales.
How I wish I had a wings.
I'd sell my dirty soul for it.
Instead that heavy chains, I'm wearing on my feet.
Track Name: 'Neath a Cold Gray Tomb of Stone
Standin' by, a lonesome graveyard,
Everything I love is gone,
Weeping as, they lay my darlin',
'Neath a cold gray tomb of stone.

In this world, I'm left to wander,
With no one to call my own.
And the one I love is sleepin',
'Neath a cold gray tomb of stone.

Skies above, are dark and stormy,
For the sunshine all has flown,
And the one I love is sleepin',
'Neath a cold gray tomb of stone.

My heart's dead, and yet I'm livin',
Wanderin' through this world alone,
I wish that I was with my darlin',
'Neath a cold gray tomb of stone.
Track Name: Flowers On My Feet
I never thought that I could tell you this, but I do.
Flowers on my feet will guide me home to you.
Days are passing by, so long, so slow.
But never mind the hard times I’ll go.

Seems like the weather is in worst mood today,
But nothing seems to lead me off my way.
It’s clearer than a sun I see your face,
And with those shiny eyes I’ll end up my days.