Common Impairments

by Drawbacks

Conrad 03:09
Natural forces are not quarrelsome. You cannot quarrel with the wind that embraces you and humiliates you by blowing off your hat in a crowded street. He had no quarrel with me. Neither a boulder, falling on my head, would have had. He fell upon me in accordance with the law by which he was moved, not of gravitation, like a detached stone, but of self-preservation. Man alone is quite capable of the worst atrocities. We want, in so many ways, to be. But man will never keep still on his heap of mud. He wants to be like this, and he also wants to be like that… He wants to be a saint, and he wants to be a demon. And every time he closes his eyes, he sees himself as a nice guy, much better than he will ever have the possibility of… in a dream
I’ve been walking for hours, but this path seemed so meaningless. Pebble after pebble, I’ve been looking for a tree with a bird singing. But nothing made any difference, everything looked like a copy since the beginning. The sky was grey and the air so cold. I couldn’t remember the feeling of the sun's rays on my skin. Sleeping was even not a way to escape but a tough step to reach the day light. That was before I met you. I had a plan and I thought this was the only way to go. In fact I was completely wrong, I was completely lost in the sounds of desperation. I was in darkness. Then you walked into my life and brought me into the light. You were that light. Not a simple common electric light without soul, but a powerful flame that spread a deep warmth inside of me. You gave me a safe place to sleep and the stronger feather to write the next chapters.
Do you think, one day my camera could replace my eyes? Do you think, one day my keyboard will be worth more than my words? It's so easy to erase everything on your own way, over and over again without any consequence. Do you remember that true relationships also build themselves through mistakes, not by creating an idyllic character? This artificiality only creates hidden faces. Are people blind to this? It looks like! It seems that people forget to use what we are equipped with to admire gracefulness of things. Do you remember how beautiful it is to watch a sunset? And that only your eyes will not allow you to perceive the beauty? Maybe we should look beyond our devices to remind us that the red ball is much more beautiful without any pixels, and that true memories also need true mistakes to exist.
Castles 02:22
The bird song in a tree, the buzzing of a bee in the flowers. The seething of machines and their pollutions of all kinds. Things completely unlike. Moments of fulfilment that tend to disappear, to give place to these aggressions. Here is the consequence of humanity’s selfishness, always more led by his own benefit, regardless of the effects of his acts. Leaving an indelible mark on this fertile land that was offered to us, on this essential lung for life, until reaching the point of no return. Preservation and disregard have never granted. Time will erode these castles of sand to restore their own shape. Shapeless heap. Nature will always have the last word, but maybe in a next future it will be too late to make it accountable.
Abilities 03:08
Among the many living beings that make up our world, man has succeeded in getting to the top. A being considered as the most evolved, with great intelligence, able to create but also to destroy. Are we not supposed to make the most of our cognitive abilities? At this question I have to admit I’m not doing the most. But sometimes I take the time to wonder: What if we were not the most evolved? What should happen if someone or something were bigger, stronger or smarter than us? Mud has never allowed no seed to grow without sunlight. Our fields are soiled by weeds that grow much faster than our cultures.


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered via Olivier T'Servrancx during spring 2016.


released October 14, 2016

Cat. # '59SRS-030
Vinyl release date: October 14, 2016
Limited to 500 copies

Co-released with:
• Don’t Trust the Hype (FR)
• Dingleberry Records (DE)
• Miss the Stars Records (DE)
• Smithsfoodgroup (NL)
• One Wild Collective (FR)
• Dead Punx Records (BE)
• Pundonor Records (ES)
• Rubaiyat Records (UK)
• Tanato Records (IT)
• Mosh Potatoes (BE)


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