Coffin Cutters

by Barque



Recorded by Nicolas Tarridec @ BBK studio
Mixed / mastered by Role @ Die Tonmeisterei
Artwork by Nicolas Djavanshir


released September 3, 2016

Cat. # '59SRS-028
Vinyl release date: September 12, 2016
Limited to 300 copies

Co-released with:
• Eastrain Records (France)
• IFB Records (USA)
• Dingleberry Records (Germany)
• Rakkerpak Records (Denmark)
• Mosh Potatoes (Belgium)
• Rubaiyat Records (UK)
• Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records (UK)
• Icore Produzioni (Italy)
• Cheap Talks Records (Italy)
• Insonnia Lunare Records (Italy)
• Longrail Records (Italy)


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'59SRS is an one-man DIY label from Perm, Russia

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Track Name: Path of the Hierophant
Non verbal essence we want to leave
We want to leave throught that deadly path
Far away from that belief
So long we've tried to hide
From what it embodies
Lust and death
Deadly and sinful
Far from those sins
Far from this path
Not going back
Not looking back
Reaching an inner peace, a self esteem
Leading the way to this new path
Leaving those foes behind
Track Name: Betrayed Monarch
Wretch, your filth, you're rake
Life's full of grievance
Seeds you sowed you reap
Full of grievance
Time to pay the debt
Those pillars of hate
Resolved to ruin or rule that fate
Digrace and treason
Strong hands like fiends
Unleashed the fury
Don't look back, you're nothing from now on
Don't look back, the wrath's upon you
Don't look back, you're nothing from now on
Don't look back, the wrath's upon you
Track Name: Mountain Snakes
Slit your wrists and arms
Don't look back
Stammering beating
Upon that land
Respect that name
Those mountain snakes
Confronted a thousand times
What flattery soothes
Ambition blinds
Look at you now
Hideous snake
Drunk with pride and treacherous lies
Drunk with pride and vicious thoughts
Don't mess with those mountain snakes
Track Name: Absalom
Lost human soul in treacherous sands
of royal blood that crown did wear
no true succession
fools and beggars
treacherous foes
fools and beggars
treacherous foes
ail, your loss be damned
Track Name: Torments
That dying breath, alone, that brought me here
Inner self between death and despair
Lies and deceit
Phantoms of the past
Our fever, our contempt
Feel that trembling soul
This injustice, the anger of men
Lift from the dark
Almost dead, we won't fight
We'll ache forever
We gather, the thread breaks
Into oblivion
Almost dead, we won't fight
We'll ache forever
We gather in the beyond